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Fear not, the microchip does you no harm

Yes, we do acknowledge that it has done grievous harm in the past. But here you need to be reminded that like all advanced technologies in our current universe and global scheme of things, it is not the chip or device or machine’s fault that things went awry, or worse, in the past. The fault, as always, lies with its users, some who acted out of deliberation while others were recklessly and irresponsibly careless. This is also a reminder to you to be more cautious in the future, no matter how advanced or resourceful your current software apparatus may be.

Because, fear not, at the end of the day, the microchip truly does you no harm. We also need to propagate the need to utilize online resources like as far as possible. This is your online knowledge headquarters par excellence where you will be getting the best of the best in terms of good, qualified advice from leading technicians, software developers and microchip builders, and all other tech designers working along similar lines and with similar theoretical and mathematical knowledge resources of their own in store.

Already well-monetized in most cases, these men and women share their knowledge, advice, so-called tips and tricks, list pros and cons, and raise valid concerns purely out of love for the work that they do. Because much of their language is necessarily jargonized and technical, you will not readily notice their direct interest in your own welfare and personal or corporate development. But underneath their tech-laced surface, it’s all there.

How else do you think men and women could be motivated to design and produce microchips that are being utilized to promote sustainability and essentially save the world’s natural and urban environments?